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City proposing $500 a day citations for bulky trash violations

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By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

The Honolulu City Council will be considering a proposal from Mayor Mufi Hannemann's administration to levy fines against people who put bulky trash items on curbs in front of their homes well before the scheduled pick-up day.

Hannemann said Monday the city gets hundreds of complaints every year about bulky household items stacked along streets and sidewalks waiting to be picked up.

The city offers free bulky item pick-up in every neighborhood on Oahu once a month, but a lot of people either ignore the pick-up schedule or do not know about it. They dump their rubbish on the curb whenever it is convenient for them.

Sometimes that trash sits out for weeks before being carted away.

Hannemann says it is a practice that has got to stop, so he is proposing a $500 a day fine for people who stack their trash too early.

"Notices will be given, notices of violation," Hannemann explained.

"We'll give them seven days to comply. If they comply within seven days at their own expense, they will not receive a fine. However, after seven days they'll get a $500-per day violation," Hannemann said.

The city asks that people wait until the day before the scheduled pick-up in their neighborhood before taking their bulky-items to the curb.

If the proposed law is approved by the city council, individual home owners could be fined. Condominium and apartment associations could also be cited.

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