Kanu O Ka Aina Public Charter School is Hawaii's greenest educational facility

Kanu O Ka Aina Public Charter School is Hawaii's greenest educational facility

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - For one small Big Island charter school sustainable building and design isn't a new trend, but an ancient way of life. Kanu o Ka Aina's newest addition to their 30-acre campus could be designated the greenest educational facility in the state.

The 9,300 square foot Halau Ho'olako sits on 30 acres of Hawaiian Home Lands in Pu'ukapu, Waimea, on the island of Hawaii. The Halau provides optimal learning conditions for the 200+ students at Kanu O Ka Aina Public Charter School with its green building technology.

"All of our lights are efficient lights. They have day-lighting sensors and our rooms have occupancy sensors," said Olani.

Alternative building materials like the rapidly-renewable bamboo were used for the cabinets and bookcases.

"If you use bamboo, It'll grow back and you're not killing a whole ecosystem by cutting down a forest," said Olani.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. All of this plus photovoltaic panels and more, gives Kanu's Halau Ho'olako enough points to receive the highest level of certification in sustainable development and design, also known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED standards.

"If we receive platinum we will be only the second building in the state to receive platinum and the first educational facility to receive platinum," said Olani.

Kanu anticipates receiving final word on its LEED certification this fall. And if they do receive platinum, Olani's initial response?

"It's a statement of our commitment to an ancient practice. Utilizing resources that are close to where you're building. Utilizing resources that took care of the land. Those are all the practices of our ancestors," said Olani.

Mahalo Kanu O Ka Aina for being a role-model for us all.