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Stolen ashes returned to family

Jason and Kalani Mejia Jason and Kalani Mejia

By Ben Gutierrez - bio | email

WAIMANALO (HAWAII NEWS NOW) - A priceless discovery erases the heartache.

The ashes of an infant boy stolen from a Waimanalo family this week have been found on the side of a road.

When the home of Jason and Kalani Mejia was burglarized Monday, the thieves took jewelry, Jason's class ring, a wedding ring and a pouch that contained their son's ashes.

They don't have the jewelry, but the ashes have been found far from home.

A mother's hands hold a small container with the ashes of little Samson Mejia, who was stillborn three years ago.

Hawaii News Now reported on the burglary earlier this week. And someone phoned the Mejia's Thursday night, saying he knew they had been robbed and that he believed he had found their son's ashes in Waianae.

"He stated that it was found, like, on the side of the road," said Kalani. "Like someone had just thrown it along the side of the road.

The ashes were found along with some other items, like their frequent flier miles cards.

The caller was able to use those items to contact the Mejias.

Jason Mejia says he arranged to meet with the good samaritan and his family Friday morning, in Waianae.

"I thanked them, I shook their hands, gave them a hug," said Jason. "I spoke to them maybe three to five minutes. We were talking about stuff.

Jason says he didn't ask a lot of questions about exactly where and how the ashes were found.

He was just happy to have them back.

The container for the ashes was no longer in a pouch, but is now decorated by the people who found them.

"A family member had actually wrapped it in ti leaf and made a couple ti leaf lei, and presented it back to us," said Jason.

Kalani Mejia was five months pregnant with Samson when the boy passed away. They kept his ashes because they found it difficult to part with him.

They are thankful to the people who found him.

"I offered to give them something, and they refused," said Jason. "They wanted to remain anonymous. If you folks are watching, and you know who are, thank you very much from our family.

The Mejias also want to thank all their friends, family and complete strangers who offered them support throughout the ordeal.


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