Movie Review: 'Coco Before Chanel'

Movie Review: 'Coco Before Chanel'

by Terry Hunter

The new movie, "Coco Before Chanel," is a big budget biography of the famous twentieth century fashion designer.

The film stars the wonderful french actress, Audrey Tautou, as the unconventional woman who rose from humble beginnings to create a fashion empire.

Unfortunately, her story, though beautifully filmed and acted, is a thoroughly conventional movie.

Tautou is perfectly cast as the independent woman who rose from singing in saloons with her sister to conquer the fashion world with her pioneering style of simplicity, comfort, and elegance.

But the movie shows us little more than her beauty and her independent spirit. Coco did whatever she had to do to get ahead.... including insinuating herself into the life of a wealthy baron who at first regarded her as no more than a fling.

"Coco Before Chanel" is enjoyable enough to watch, but it just doesn't have enough substance to be truly satisfying.