Strong, gusty winds leave bumpy skies; easing into the weekend

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The strong, gusty winds whipping across the State will begin to ease going into the weekend, as new reports reveal some wild rides for passengers aboard inter island airplanes.

A Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717 reported low level wind sheer, a very dangerous condition for all aircraft, just 200 feet above a runway at Honolulu International on Tuesday.  Other pilots reported moderate to severe turbulence while flying in the area.

The pilot of a small Cessna flying over Aina Haina reported "extreme turbulence," which is defined as a momentary loss of control.  No injuries or damage was reported.

The National Weather Service had warned pilots about those conditions as a high pressure system pushes winds across the islands.

The winds will gradually decrease going into the weekend, and become noticeably lighter going into next week.

Guy Hagi will bring you the latest conditions on Hawaii News Now beginning at 5pm.