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Business Report: Kona Coffee

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Hawaii grows more than eight million pounds of coffee annually. It's a multimillion-dollar business that has become a model for other forms of local agriculture.

Kona coffee is arguably the best coffee in the world and commands a premium price. Now you'll get a chance to see the report on how the bean gets from Kona to your cup, but in this report I wanted to focus on one interesting thing i learned from Hawaii Coffee Company general manager Jim Wayman.

Hawaii coffee makes Lion coffee, Royal Kona and a bunch of the private labeled brands sold by local hotels and chefs. Wayman says, worldwide demand for Kona coffee is down in this downturn, as households that used to buy pure Kona in large amounts, stop. But there is another phenomenon.

Some people who had been buying two $5 lattes a day, deciding that $50 a week is too much to spend on coffee, now buy pure Kona in the supermarket instead. They cut their expenditure in half and upgraded to the best coffee in the world.

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