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Outback Sports Spotlight: Corie Hou

Corie Hou Corie Hou

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(HAWAII NEWS NOW) - Appearances can be deceiving, at first glance Rainbow Wahine Corie Hou looks like your typical local student. "I walk around and people think I'm local, until I start speaking and people are like where are you from," said Hou. The UH golfer's accent should be a dead giveaway that the Senior hails from Australia. She's from Sydney to be exact.

While Hou came to Manoa for her skills on the links, she prefers a game with a bit more contact. "I actually like playing touch football, but not touch American football, touch rugby football," said Hou. Don't be deceived by her 5-foot-2 frame either, she's been known to deliver some hard hits. "I played touch football with some of my mates back home at the beach and it wasn't actually touch it was tackle and I tackled one of my friends and I think he got a bit winded," said Hou. When asked, if you could change something in golf, would you change something like maybe tackle golf?, Hou replied "I wouldn't mind. depends if I like the player or not."

One thing Hou did enjoy was her Fall season where she finished with a career best 54-hole score at the Turtle Bay Invitational. Of course she claims she owes some of that success to some personal quirks. "I need my little pink pen to write my score down with or I don't like to see my socks. So I need like low ankle socks, just really silly things like that," said Hou. Her socks may be low, but Hou has high hopes for her future in golf. When her spring season ends in May, Hou hopes to turn pro on the European tour.

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