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Boat owner has run aground before

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

WAIKIKI (HAWAII NEWS NOW) - A salvage crew will attempt to pull the 72-foot yacht Momentum off a reef in water off Waikiki at high tide early Wednesday morning.
It is the second time the owner, Honolulu businessman Leif Hart, has grounded a sailboat on an Oahu reef in the past seven months.  In early May Hart's 44-foot sailboat named Fast Forward ran aground on a reef outside Kahala.
At the time he told KGMB9 he had the wrong kind of anchor for the ocean floor there and that is what led to the grounding.
After the Momentum hit the reef shortly after 2 a.m. Monday Hart told the state Department of Land and Natural Resources he and two other people were sleeping in the boat while it was anchored off Waikiki.  He told the DLNR an anchor line must have broken causing the sailboat to drift aground.  He said neither he nor the others on board awoke until they heard the hull hit bottom.
The Fast Forward broke apart in the surf before it could be salvaged.
At about 4 a.m. Wednesday a salvage team from Cates International will use a tug boat in an attempt to pull the Momentum free.  The boats hull is wood and it could break up during the salvage attempt.
Tuesday afternoon the team from Cates International rigged the boat in anticipation of the salvage attempt.  They filled the boat with inflatable air bags.  In case the boat springs a leak, the air bags may keep it afloat long enough for it to be towed to land.
Oil, gas, and batteries that could pollute the environment were removed from the Momentum Monday.
Hawaii News Now called Hart for comment, but has not received a return call.

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