Kaimana Close Up; Halia Parish

By Liz Chun - bio | email

Spirit week is a busy time for Halia Parish at Kapolei High School.

"I like to put my opinion and my thoughts in things," she said, "so I really like going into homecoming with an excitement and say I actually contributed to it."

Setting up homecoming decorations is just a small part of Halia's role as student body vice president, a position she's held for two straight years.

"I can't really put my finger on one thing, but I've seen her in front of the student body and I've seen how she relates to the student body and she has that ability."

Halia's ability to work with others makes her a good group partner as well in the classroom. She is an honor roll student with a 3.5 cumulative grade point average.

"This year I took a challenge by taking Human Anatomy Physiology," Parish said. "I'm really interested in business so it's kind of like a different thing for me. But I really like it, understanding the human body and health is really important to me and I enjoy the class."

Her healthy lifestyle includes playing two sports wrestling and volleyball. Just last season, the Hurricanes won the OIA White Division Championship with Halia as an outside hitter.

"I like that position because first you can't hit without the pass and I like the team work we get and getting kills," she said. "It matches my personality. I like to be that finisher, putting that point up there."

Halia is an accomplished athlete and also pretty glamorous. In 2008 she was named Miss Hawaii's outstanding teen. Service work became the real highlight of her year, as Halia went out of her way to be involved in dozens of events.

With the Children's Miracle Network. I got to visit kids in their condition and work on the radio-thon. I also worked with the American Lung Association and music with a message. I got to go to different high schools, and sing for them.

While she may have given up her crown, Halia continues to be a role model.

"It's not only a great feeling for yourself to give back to your community," She said. "with the economy and the way it is right now and how were in the recession. To me that's the biggest thing that we could do, we are the next generation to really get people out there and encourage them."

For Halia, any way of helping another person counts. And she's certainly doing her share to make a difference.