Kaimana Awards: Castle's Andrew Johnson

By Liz Chun - bio | email

This is Andrew Johnson, and so is this.

"As I wipe my lips, your sweet ugly Matt came walking by," Johnson said as he acted out a role in a school play.

"It's great to be able to change yourself to fit into that character role," he said.

Andrew's been acting since the fifth grade. The Castle senior has had dozens of performances. but none were more demanding than his first major speaking role, when he become Pappy Yokum for Little Abner.

"Well I had to be an old man and he only had a tuft of hair so obviously I shaved my head, tuft of hair here, tuft of chin hair, and we drew in the wrinkles," he said.

Andrew's commitment to his craft, even earned him a trip to our Nation's Capitol.

"In 2005, we were chosen the top after school program in the country, and I had to choose 1 child to go with me to the White House for the ceremony and Andrew was the one, because he represented our program the best," Karen Meyer, Director, Castle performing Arts Center said.

Andrew's dedication to the theater doesn't end on stage. He lead 30 members of his boy scout group to build a sound booth for his Eagle Project. From design to construction it took more than 150 hours to build.

"I love this theater so much it means a lot to me and to be able to give back to the theater something they'll use every performance it was just perfect for me," he said. "So what we did we set up these walls we built in this sound shop and here's the opening so the sound technician can see the stage."

Outside of the theater, Andrew is a three sport athlete; lettering in cross country, judo and wrestling. He actually prefers competing as an individual., and just this year came in third at states for wrestling in the 130 lb division.

"It's not that I'm not a team player but it's just I know if I win or lose it's all on account of me," he said.

Being accountable for his school work is also very important to Andrew who has a 3.9 grade point average.

"In math I just get into the zone," he said. "I can probably do my homework all in 1 sitting just because once I start something, it just keeps going

It's not that simple either. Andrew is one of just nine students taking AP calculus at Castle this year.

"He's really a good peer model as far as problem solving and higher thinking," Castle math teacher, Jena Kline said.

It's one of many roles Andrew Johnson plays every day, he's a model student, actor, athlete and good citizen. Now that's star power.