Kaimana Awards: Millilani's Amy Hunt

By Liz Chun - bio | email

In this month's HMSA Kaimana close-up, our student athlete is from Mililani High School.

Amy Hunt is one of a school record 26 valedictorians this year.

But that's not all that makes Amy a real standout.

Spanish is one of Amy's favorite classes.

"I hope I can learn languages so I can start thinking in another language, because that's when they say you can know it," Hunt said.

It's probably just a matter of time before Amy masters Spanish. then she wants to study Chinese and Russian.

"I could go a lot of places in business," she said. "They always need translators. Or I was thinking of going into government intelligence. I think that would be really exciting."

Amy is sort of getting some early job training by helping her peers become bilingual as well.

"I have tutoring for my class and she's always volunteered, she's gone and helped at the middle schools doing presentations for Spanish class. She's a model student," said Hunt's teacher.

"I have this big thing about making connections with people, it's a personal challenge I've tried to overcome a lot," said Hunt.

Amy's passion for communication shows how far she has come. Her early years were tough. That is, until Amy was adopted at the age of six by Sherry Hunt.

With the help of her new mom, Amy's overcome her fear of trusting people.

"I was really afraid of everything," she said. "I was afraid of being abandoned. I have a really great mother and she always makes a really big effort to know that I love her and know that she's there for me."

Amy's mom even got her started in community service some 10 years ago with a program Sherry created, called "Paws on the Path."

"Pretty much her goal is to have pet owners and pets mainly dogs to come on to these hikes," she said.

Each month, Amy leads the event that's sponsored by the Humane Society.

"You always have your little four legged friend and it's always happy," she said. "They actually keep you more motivated to go."

Amy's a good pace setter as a member of Mililani's track and field and cross country team.

You can also add National Honor Society, Red Cross Club and Environmental Club to her list of activities.

On average, Amy spends about 15 hours a month helping her community.

"It would be pretty selfish of me just to be taking things from the community and just live in my own world and not give anything back, because I couldn't do what I do or have the opportunities I have without the support the community gives me," she said.

This senior is also a leader on Mililani's award winning mock trial team.

It just seems no matter what language or what setting, Amy sees no boundaries to what she can do.