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Kaimana Awards: Kaiser High School's Chelsy Okuma

By Liz Chun - bio | email

Kaiser High's Chelsy Okuma really makes room in her schedule for sports, school and community service.

In fact, the way she balances her activities is partly what makes her a HMSA Kaimana Close-Up stand out.

Almost everywhere Okuma goes her calendar goes with her.

"I'm kind of lost without it," Okuma said.

There's good reason for her to hold on so tight to this monthly manager.

"For every single class and every single sport and whatever I need to remember I normally write it down in here. It helps a lot," Okuma said.

"Do you ever run out of space?" KGMB9 asked. "Yeah, I do. So I normally run into the weekends and there are little side notes on the top and bottom that I can write more stuff in," Okuma said.

Colored pens help mark the variety of activities Chelsy has on a daily basis.

But it's all in a day's work for a straight a student. Chelsy just missed the cut to be valedictorian.

"I have a 3.957 cumulative but that's only good enough for second highest," said Okuma.

It's an academic achievement in itself considering how much she has to balance.

I'd go straight from after school to like 7 or 8 to practice. Then after that I have to hurry and do homework.

I always call Chelsy relentless, she in the classroom or on the field, whatever it is she's relentless. She does not stop, she does not give up, and it's always positive.

As class vice president this year, Chelsy is in charge of the senior luau and the graduation ceremony.

On this day, she's overseeing details for the centerpieces.

She also has the same focus for community service.

I think everyone should really give back. Hawaii is such a giving place it feels good to give back to.

Chelsy's volunteer work is best measured by all the t-shirts she's collected over the years.

"I get a lot of opportunities to help many different people like the elders, the homeless, the hunger, little kids that go back to help with certain organizations. It's fun because it's not one group of people you help different people," Okuma said.

Her different interests are also reflected in the sports she plays. Chelsy has made six teams for Kaiser: soccer, cross country, softball, track, volleyball and basketball.

But her desire to be an athlete didn't start out as you'd expect.

"When I was young, my parents said all I did was cry," Okuma said. "I'd cry at baseball tryouts, I'd cry at practice, I'd cry at basketball drafts. I'd cry everywhere, I wouldn't even play soccer I'd just stand on the sidelines. So they made my work on it and actually like it."

So much so, that Chelsy's a team captain. The highlight of this season scoring 29 points against Kahuku.

"She's a big part of this program," said Simon Bitanga, the Kaiser girls basketball head coach. "If it wasn't for her and I told her this before, we're going to make history for Kaiser girls basketball, because Kaiser girls basketball hasn't been in the playoffs or states for a long time."

Just another important note to make in the busy life of Chelsy Okuma.

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