Kaimana Awards; Aiea High's Jocelyn Lansangan

By Liz Chun - bio | email

This is how Jocelyn Lansangan spends her Thursdays after school.

For the past four years, Jocelyn has been an active member of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

"The main thing is to get their homework done," Lansangan said, "but my favorite part is helping them. Yes but like it's listening to them more so. I think it's tough when you're a kid. You want to explain yourself but you don't know the words and you don't know if they're really listening to you. And I feel like big brothers and sisters. All the bigs are there for them."

Being a role model for younger kids to confide in is why Jocelyn stays involved in the program. It's also why she's always welcome.

"The thing that I think is unique about her," said Pume Preza of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, "is she has a personality that she can take on more than one little because we have a lack of volunteers. I don't have to worry about it. I know she's good I trust her mentoring skills. I know she's mature and she can handle problems without having me step in."

Jocelyn is a natural teacher because she's a great student with a grade point average of 3.8.
Academically at Aiea she ranks 25th in her class.

"Like with each experience you realize okay I did okay on that test and then you just plan on doing better from there."

Jocelyn approach to things is as colorful as her personality. That's why her peers have elected her to be an officer in student government the past 4 years.
She's also a member of the leadership experience opportunity club and serving this year as district vice president.

For her school's Leo Club, Jocelyn works closely with the Hawaii Wheelchair Athletic Association, setting up events like bowling.

"I guess she has a can do attitude that everything I ask her," said Aiea High School Leo Club Advisor Mark Shimabukuro, "even if I think we can not, she says let's do it, let's try."

That's been her attitude for tennis. When she first started there was no guarantee Jocelyn would even make the team.

"She was really afraid that she was going to get cut," said Aiea High School Athletics Director Blake Moritsugu, "So she would come out every morning at 6 o'clock on the court hitting balls against the wall just to improve herself."

"I didn't know anyone was noticing I was doing it early in the morning," Jocelyn said, "But I guess they just appreciate that cause it was extra effort."

As it turns out, Jocelyn went from being the team manager to varsity captain for soft tennis. while Jocelyn Lasangan may not be an award winning all-star determination is her true strength on and off the court.