Kaimana Awards; Roosevelt High School's Gregg Tam

By Liz Chun - bio | email

Gregg Tam is a straight shooter in every sense of the word; from air riflery to his direct approach at things. Gregg is a honor roll student who is interested in majoring in pharmacy. He really has an understanding for math and chemistry.

"Mostly sometimes it comes naturally to me," he says, "sometimes I just pay attention and I can get the concept down already."

Gregg also has a lot of ideas about community service that mainly stem from his 7 years as a boy scout. So when his eagle scout project came up, Gregg asked Roosevelt Athletics Director John Chung if he could fix up the school's air riflery range.

"He had everything ready to go," Chung said, "And then he asked me can he do it. I have this done, this set. I took care of everything. I was kind of surprised. Usually they ask, come back and say oh we can't do it."

Gregg saw his plan through over the summer, and with the help of his troop, the facility was repainted, sanded, and cleaned up. Even the grass was cut.

"I carried out my project in July," Gregg said. "About every weekend, about 180 hours total. The challenge was working around the summer school schedule, football and PE, cause sometimes it would be closed."

The renovation project was the first of it's kind for a student athlete at Roosevelt.

"He could have done a project any place, but he told me because he's a part of the team," Gregg said, "he wanted to give back to the school and he's doing while he's still at school. That shows his maturity."

The extra effort may have just inspired Gregg himself. The team captain followed up with his best season in air riflery, coming in 22nd at the OIA tournament and nearly qualifying for the state championship.

But that's not all he's done for Roosevelt.

Gregg is a member of the Roosevelt's Development Association that comes up with service projects in and around school. They've cleaned the field at Stevenson intermediate and are at the root of new plants around campus.

"I want to have Roosevelt school pride, get to know others, and do something good for the community so it's safer and secure place to be."

It's a simple concept. But as Gregg's shown, no idea should be overlooked when it's a good deed. Doing something for someone else is like hitting a bulls eye every time.