Sunny Side Up: Big City Diner Recipes

Sunny Side Up: Big City Diner Recipes

Check out the following Big City Diner Recipes: Seared Ahi Wrap, Thai Beef Salad and Oatmeal Cakes:

Seared Ahi Wrap:


Fresh ahi 1 lb

Cajun spice 1 T

Spring mix 2 oz

Japanese cucumber, julienne ½ pc

Carrots, shredded ½ pc

Avocado, sliced 2 pc

Radish sprouts 2 oz

Flour Tortillas, 10" 6 pc

1. Cut ahi into strips about 1 ' square & season with cajun spice

2. Heat a cast iron skillet & sear ahi about 30 seconds per side

3. Spread a thin coat of aioli on one side of each tortilla

4. Arrange vegetables evenly in the center of each tortilla

5. Place ahi strips on top of vegetables & roll tortilla closed

6. Slice tortillas into half or thirds

Cajun Aioli

Mayonnaise 1 cup

Cajun spice 1 T

1. Combine everything and mix well

Thai Beef Salad:


Romaine lettuce, chopped 1" pieces 1 lb

Japanese cucumber, julienne ½ pc

Red onion, diced ½ pc

Bean sprouts 4 oz

Roma Tomato, quartered into wedges 2 pc

Steak, sliced thin 12 oz

Peanut oil 1 oz

Wonton Pi 2 oz

Roasted peanuts, chopped 2 oz

Green onion, diced 2 T

Cilantro 6 sprigs

Mint 6 sprigs

1. Place Romaine on platter

2. Top with cucmber, red onion & beansprouts

3. Place tomato wedges around edges

4. Saute steak in oil and add 2 T of dressing during the last minute of cooking

5. Place steak onto salad

6. Sprinkle with wonton, chopped peanuts & green onion

7. Place sprigs of cilantro & mint on top

8. Serve with dressing on the side

Oriental Dressing 1 cup

Creamy peanut butter 2 oz

Sriracha 1 T

1. Combine everything and mix well

Oatmeal Cakes: 


Quick Oats Oatmeal 3 quarts

Water 1 Gallon

Table Salt 3 tsp

Brown Sugar 2 cup

Cinnamon 1/4 cup

Raisins 1/2 Box

1. Bring Water and Salt to a boil

2. Add oatmeal, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and cook on medium heat until thickened

3. Spread on 18" x 12 1/2" x 2" pan to cool

4. Cut & Serve