Family's sons ashes stolen

Family's sons ashes stolen

By Duane Shimogawa bio | email

WAIMANALO (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Waimanalo family came home to discover their son's ashes had been stolen.

It happened sometime Monday before 4:00 PM. That's when Jason Mejia came home and noticed some of his family's belongings out of place.

Thieves stole jewelry, his class ring, a wedding ring and the little pouch where their son's ashes were in.

They lost little Samson about three years ago. Kalani Mejia was five months pregnant when he passed away. Now a memorial in their bedroom is all they have left of him.

"Its up to us to protect our communities and things go unnoticed and people get away with things, but hopefully if they need the money from the jewelry, if they need it that bad, so be it, but please return the ashes, that's all we ask," Waimanalo resident Jason Mejia said.

The Mejias have filed a police report. They say thieves may have thought the pouch had some jewelry in it.

"Going through what I went through being five months pregnant and losing a child is difficult enough and this is kind of like losing him all over again," Waimanalo resident Kalani Mejia said.

Even their kid's Coldstone gift card was taken, but a guitar was spared.

The Mejias' say this has never happened to them before, but they're now taking extra measures to protect their home.