'More Than You Think' campaign focuses on teens who don't drink

'More Than You Think' campaign focuses on teens who don't drink

"More Than You Think" is a new anti-drinking campaign that turns the tables on peer pressure by focusing on the fact that a lot of teens aren't drinking. Pedro Haro is the project manager and Kaula Robins is a student participant.

The National Guard Hawaii Counterdrug Support Office with Hawaii Partnership to Prevent Underage Drinking has launched a statewide multi-media social marketing campaign, "More Than You Think," geared towards changing social norms related to underage drinking among youth. The campaign targets youth 13 to 19 years old, with the goals of educating this group about actual social norms and providing them with the tools to self-monitor when it comes to drinking alcohol. At the heart of the campaign is a new Web site, www.MoreThanYouThink.org, which highlights the fact that more youth in Hawaii are choosing not to drink alcohol.

An independent survey commissioned by the campaign found:

  • Most teens in Hawaii are making great decisions and we want them to keep making these good decisions
  • Most teens in Hawaii are being responsible young adults and we want to let them know that they're the majority, not the exception
  • Youth consistently overestimate the amount others drink and the proportion of their peers who are heavy drinkers - For example, while teens think that 92 percent of people their age drink, in actuality, almost 70 percent of them do not.

For more information, visit www.morethanyouthink.org.