Home crumbles into stream, others worried it may happen to them

Home crumbles into stream, others worried it may happen to them
Glenn Christensen
Glenn Christensen

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HAUULA (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A house crumbled into a stream on Oahu's North Shore early Saturday morning.

More residents are now worried their homes may get swept away as well.

Another Hauula Resident feels his house is next. It's already taken a beating from last winter's big storm.

A Hauula home was no match for the heavy rains, which eventually destroyed it.

On Friday, state crews cleared debris from under the bridge. But it wasn't enough to stop the inevitable from happening.

"About 3 a.m., the house went down," Hauula resident Shon Kaanaana said. "I heard the house cracking and came outside and found all of this, but we knew the thing was going fall in."

Kaanaana and his family live in this home. They want whoever's in charge to fix the problem.

"We kind of sick this is happening, but at least nobody got hurt," he said.

Glenn Christensen has lived in this home for 11 years. He heard and saw part of his neighbor's home rumbling down the stream early Saturday morning. He realizes his home may be next.

"Last year, it came up over the bridge and knocked out the foundation from my house, every year, there's a big concern," he said. "When I bought the place, it was such a beautiful spot and I never thought about the river coming up like that."

A problem that may be fixed soon. Christensen says the state is planning to re-build the bridge and build a wall to protect homes.

This would displace his home. But he says the state plans to re-locate him for free. The state has said they're planning to rebuild some of its bridges and at the same time, they'll clean out any debris.

As far as a timetable for this? Well, it's still up in the air.