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Kamehameha schools introduces Malama card

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Kamehameha schools, Hawaii's largest private landowner believes it has found a way to help its commercial tenants make rent. It's introducing the Malama card, a retail discount card aimed at putting shoppers back on their properties.

This partnership seeks to help all involved in this sluggish economy. It's great for shoppers, vendors and it ultimately helps Kamehameha fulfill its educational mission.

Kamehameha is helping to market the discount program and participating vendors on its MalamaCard.com website.

C4 Waterman sells a variety of watersports equipment and accessories out of its Kaka'ako store, which it rents from Kamehameha Schools.

"The economy has been good to us and that's probably because this is a new sport. We had our trial and tribulations, cause it is tough times," said Todd Bradley Co-Founder, C4 Waterman.

This is but one of the 80 vendors participating in the program. While the program was no additional cost, can vendors even afford to give discounts in this economy? Offering discounts is tough to do obviously in a tough economy.

The benefits outweigh the risk?

"I think so. I think it's more, we want people to know where we are and who we are, and this is what we're trying to accomplish by that,"said Bradley.

So it's a win for all, vendors, land owner, and all of us shoppers!

If you support a Kamehameha business, you support the mission of Kamehameha Schools as well. Give help and receive help. Care for and be cared for. Visit MalamaCard.com for more information.

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