UH Running Backs: Friends and Competitors

UH Running Backs: Friends and Competitors

By Liz Chun - bio | email

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Leon Wright-Jackson and Alex Green don't mind sharing the responsibility or the credit for resurrecting the Warriors running game against Utah State. They also don't mind sharing the load off the field either.

With the rainy season looming in Manoa, Green and Wright-Jackson have shown the ability to be the thunder and lightning combination that Hawaii's running game has been missing. Against Utah State, they became the first duo to surpass the century mark in the same game since 1995. While the stage usually isn't big enough for two skill players to stand on, they don't mind sharing the spotlight.

"We're like brothers you know," said Wright-Jackson. That's just the whole running back core. We look out for one another. Me and him are real close and we want each other to do the best. We want each other to be successful."

"We're all one team," said Green. There's never any drama, especially between me and him. Whether it's off the field or on the field we're just keep things positive."

Keeping things positive on the field came first nature for the pair. When Green came into fall camp, Wright-Jackson was there to take him under his wing to help the junior college transfer pick up the run and shoot offense.

Jackson believes in the competition, "our job is to push each other and make each other better. All I care about is this team winning you know. It's not about individuality or anything like that and that's how we just hit it off."

While Wright-Jackson guided Green between the lines, Green has taught his mentor a few tricks outside the lines. "I'm a little more experienced because my daughters one and he has a new born," said Green. "So I tell him to be patient and if she's gonna cry in the morning just rock her and baby her, give her whatever she wants because she can't talk and you got to feel right through it."

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