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Kupihea Romero's passion for canoes shows in his artwork

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Kupihea Romero's current show is titled "Kino Wa'a."

"I am fascinated by canoes and voyaging," said Kupihea Romero Haumana Paheona.

This interest was the genesis for Kino Wa'a.

"It represents the parallels between the physical body and the body of the canoe," said Kupihea.

According to Kupihea, the similarities lie not only in the inoa mahele kino, but in the way in the bodies stay on course.

"Seafarers on canoes take notice of natural signs in the stars, clouds, and presence of birds. We make decisions based on our surroundings, our family, work, school, places we go," said Kupihea.

Kupihea's show at the Peggy Chun Gallery this month reflects this understanding.

"The most difficult piece was the bronze sculpture. It took a year. The woodwork took half a year along with lashing the cord," said Kupihea.

While preparing the exhibit took a lot of work itself, Kupihea is also preparing to defend his thesis for his Masters in Fine Art.

"I have four pieces left that are almost done. It would have been nice to include them in the exhibit with the other two," said Kupihea.

Join Kupihea Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Peggy Chun Gallery.

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