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Business Report: Honolulu's annual ranking

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - The Milken Institute is out with its annual ranking of American cities, based on, in its own words, 'their ability to create and sustain jobs.' Of two hundred cities, Honolulu came in at the middle, at one hundred. That's down from ninty-fourth a year ago. Four of the top five are cities or towns in Texas, third place went to Salt Lake City.

Four of the next five are towns in the southeast and, in seventh place, Olympia, capital of Washington State. In fact, six of the top twenty-five are state capitals and the Washington DC area was twenty-fifth. Cities dependent on auto manufacturing tended to do worst, with flint, Michigan, dead last and detroit in next-to-last place. The Milken ranking focuses entirely on jobs, how many created, how much wage growth, and how many technology jobs.

Meanwhile a pew center report says nine other states face California-grade budget crises. Three of them are western states: Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. The budget gap in Arizona is so bad, officials there are considering mortgaging state office buildings.

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