Business Report: Monsanto

Business Report: Monsanto

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - An article on the Reuters news service is being carried in newspapers around the world, and it's about a company with extensive farming operations in Hawaii.

The suggested headline is "Food: is Monsanto the answer or the problem?" World food production needs to double in the next four decades to prevent mass starvation.

One of the few companies doing something about it is Monsanto, which has genetically engineered a corn that can grow in a drought. Corn and wheat account for forty percent of the world's food. Hawaii is the breadbasket of seed corn, grown by monsanto and its rivals.

The center for food safety is suspicious and says Monsanto is just out for profit. The problem seems to be, not the seed corn itself, or the people developing it, but the past history of the company, which made agent orange during the Vietnam war. Monsanto also makes roundup, which, depending on your point of view, is responsible for the evolution of super weeds, or a boon to struggling farmers.

Whatever your view on that, the article is a reminder that Monsanto will be closely watched in the future, because of what it did in the past.