First storm of the season expected to bring strange, moody weather

First storm of the season expected to bring strange, moody weather
Robert Ballard
Robert Ballard

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

MANOA (Hawaii News Now) - The National Weather Service says people should prepare for some bizarre weather.

That's because the storm system is developing right on top of Hawaii.

he National Weather Service says, normally, a storm system passes through the islands. But since it's evolving above the state, forecasters say the storm will deliver erratic winds, thunderstorms and lightning.

"We don't want people to be fooled into thinking, well it's not raining right now and we had this beautiful day today and here comes this big weather system that's coming in and the weather is going to be changing more rapidly than people are used to over the next few days. You're going to see very weird weather changes," said Robert Ballard of the National Weather Service.

Air News Now hovered over Honolulu Tuesday afternoon, as dark clouds began to roll in from the Windward side.

On East Oahu, at the Niu Valley Stream where it drains into the ocean, crews carved out the sand. That way, if there's a downpour, there's less of a chance for debris to clog the outlet.

On New Year's Eve in 1987, Niu Valley was flooded after heavy rains rushed in from the mountains with so much force, residents say there were cars floating in the streams.

"The guy who sold me the house renovated it completely because there was damage. You could see the mud, he told me it was about this high, yeah? Mud, all mud from the stream yeah," said Wayne Yamamoto, a Niu Valley resident.

Niu Valley is one of seven flood-prone areas across Oahu, where crews cleared streams and ditches, and checked storm drains.

Crews also have thousands of sandbags all over Oahu, ready to go.

The National Weather Service advises boaters to hold off on any trips out on the water for a few days.

Forecasters also warn hikers and campers to be careful out in the mountains.