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Hawaii woman kicked off flight, crew cites swine flu concern

Mitra Mostoufi Mitra Mostoufi

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

A Hawaii Kai woman is considering a lawsuit against United Airlines after being booted from her flight just before take-off.

Mitra Mostoufi said flight attendants told her they were bumping her from the flight because they suspected she may have swine flu.

Mostoufi returned to Honolulu late Tuesday afternoon, a full day after she was scheduled to get home.

Her trouble began in Tampa, Florida where she and her daughter had gone to a wedding.

Mostoufi told Hawaii News Now she was feeling sick when she boarded her flight, but not because she has swine flu.  She said a mixture of medicine had upset her stomach.

Mostoufi said when asked a flight attendant for an air sickness bag ... the crew asked her to disembark.

"They could have asked me, what is wrong?  And I told them I don't have the flu.  I had a flu shot.  Several times I mentioned that.  And then they said, the crew feels you are a health risk.  And right as they're telling me this they are booking me on an American flight," Mostoufi said shortly after touching down at Honolulu International Airport.

Mostoufi questions why Untied would try to put her on an American Airlines flight if she was such a health risk.  She thinks United overbooked and may have been looking for an excuse to bump someone.  She said her perceived illness and perhaps her persian background may be why they chose her.

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