Kalani High School teaches through technology

Kalani High School teaches through technology
Analiese Arle
Analiese Arle
Principal Gerald Teramae
Principal Gerald Teramae

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - At Kalani High School a 21st century notebook has replaced text books and pens and paper.

Kalani is the first public school in the state to wire its entire freshmen and sophomore grades with laptop computers.

"If you give a student an opportunity to learn from a book or from a computer or through technology they'll always use technology," principal Gerald Teramae said.

The school wanted to engage students on platforms they understand so it channels class work and homework through cyberspace.

"It's like carrying your supplies on your back because you have everything you need," student Deana Ramos said.

The program started with a bit of controversy.  Some parents balked at the price of the computer. A one-year lease is $300.

Teramae said the cost was kept to a minimum.

"We're a far better deal than trying to go out and get your own computer from a business and then trying to install all the software and getting insurance," he said.

Ninety-eight percent of ninth and tenth graders are now plugged in.

"When we started using it I was so confused but as the time went on I understood it," freshman Analiese Arle said.

The computers enable teachers to give assignments, get homework, and Q & A with their kids beyond the school bell.

"Communicating with my students on furlough days, on weekends, at night has become so much easier," teacher Allison Agee said.

Teramae said students are also learning responsibility.  As the year has progressed fewer laptops have been damaged or lost.

"The laptops are just a tool that we use," he said.

That tool has taken learning at Kalani to a whole new level.