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Good Things: Turtle rescue, Supportive classmates

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - On the Big Island, a father and son rescued a turtle this past weekend! Joseph Nozawa Senior and his son were in Hilo when they spotted the turtle caught in a fishing line. Joseph Senior jumped in and brought the turtle to the surface, then Joe Junior brought the turtle to shore to free it from the lines.

It's hard for any family to watch their child fight cancer. But classmates of 6th grader Shai Shay visited her in the hospital to give their classmate who is battling cancer, a very special gift.

Shai can't risk getting germs, so she talked to her classmates by video from another room. While talking they surprised her by pulling out some clippers and shaving their heads, even the girls participated.

Shai had just finished her first round of chemotherapy but now had to shave her head for the next round. Her mom said she didn't want to lose her hair, but after seeing her classmates it gave Shai some much needed strength.

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