Community service and its rewards

Community service and its rewards

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - While these students took a day out of the classroom to help in the community, they themselves received a lot as well. It was an opportunity to enjoy work outside the classroom.

We're not trying to treat them lightly. We understand that they're students and everything, but they're about to enter the real world pretty soon so. Sometimes you got to do things you like, sometimes you got to do things you don't like.

An extra hundred or so hands sure does help the 12-man crew working this native Hawaiian plant nursery in Kane'ohe. But it's the students who really benefit by gaining a hands-on lesson in traditional Hawaiian agriculture and a life lesson in what it means to be Hawaiian.

We need to practice the work of our ancestors for the sake of our future generations. Speaking of teaching kids, another group of seniors gave some teachers relief at the P?nana Leo o Kawaiaha'o preschool.

For some of the students here, working at Punana Leo served as a reminder of where they've been and how they've grown over the span of their barely 18-year-old lives. It was nice to return to the Punana. Leo as I was a former student. The keiki were happy to have these older siblings speaking with them and vice versa. It was neat!

This experience was a reminder to Ka'ai of something really important to her. It is important that I take my knowledge of things Hawaiian with me wherever I go after graduating.

While it was a quick four-hour project, the valuable lessons learned will last much longer.