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Parents may have to pay more for kids to ride school bus

Breene Harimoto Breene Harimoto

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Board of Education committee has just approved a plan to raise school bus fares.

A committee is debating the issue right now. The idea is to raise rates. It's a step to help with the budget.
It would more than double fares, but still keep it below the cost of public transportation. For one-way rides, the price would go from 35 cents to 75 cents each way.
Quarterly passes would increase from $31 to $60 for students and annual passes for public school buses would raise from $119 a student to $225 a year.

Committee members say those numbers could change in two more votes needed before the changes become final.

"I just feel that we need to do more to get this under control. I know you've got a lot, but I think raising bus fares to 75 cents is really a drop in the bucket," said BOE member Breene Harimoto.

But not all board members are on board with this rate hike. Some say it'll only raise three million dollars, which they say won't make a huge enough dent in their budget shortfall.

Besides the higher bus fares, the board may also approve less bus routes and students may have to walk farther to get to their bus stops.

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