One dead, five wounded in Orlando office shooting attack

One dead, five wounded in Orlando office shooting attack
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez

by Kristen Dahlgren

ORLANDO, FL (NBC) - A suspected gunman is in custody after a shooting spree inside an Orlando office complex.

It was just before lunch time when gunfire erupted in the downtown office building.

Police arrived to find a gruesome scene.

One person was dead and five more had been shot.

Swat teams rushed to evacuate the building as ambulances lined up outside and a massive search started for suspect Jason Rodriguez.

Police worked to clear the building while officers shut down streets and highways near downtown.

Rodriguez was finally arrested at his mother's house.

Police are still trying figure out what happened, but are beginning to get some clues.

"He was terminated two years ago, came back today and shot some people," said Orlando Police Chief Val Demings.

Rodriguez was terminated in 2007 from airport design firm Reynolds Smith and Hill after what a spokesman calls a "performance issue".

All of the victims were from that firm.