Hawaii BOE approves class time for public schools

Hawaii BOE approves class time for public schools

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Making up for lost learning. 95 schools will be adding class time to cut down those dreaded furlough days off. What happened Thursday night is the end result of a process that began a few weeks ago.

First, teachers and school administrators had to agree they were willing to give up teacher development days and replace them with days of actual instruction. Two-thirds of the teachers at each school had to agree and school community councils had to approve.

Then the teacher's union had to sign-off on every request made by individual schools. Finally, the swapping process reached the Board of Education.

And without hesitation, it unanimously approved every request.

Thursday night's action represents just the first round of schools that have asked the board for permission to convert development days into classroom days.

256 schools are impacted by the furloughs and every day more and more of them are seeking the go-ahead to recoup some of the time lost to furloughs.

The board also gave five schools permission to adjust their bell schedules.

For example switching Friday schedules to Wednesdays because Wednesdays are short school days. It's one more way of increasing classroom time to combat furlough Fridays.