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Billy V: Bruno, Carrie Prejean, Na Palapalai

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Although it was originally eliminated from the theatrical showing of Bruno, a 90-second scene will be included on the DVD, out November 17 where Michael Jackson's sister, La Toya, is tricked into doing an interview with a fake Austrian fashion journalist, played by Cohen. Cohen's character, Bruno, then asks to see her phone, finds Michael's number and starts saying his number in Austrian to his assistant. When La Toya gets fed up with Bruno, she storms out, before he yells to her, "La Toya, come back. Can you at least get me Jermaine?"

Seems that it was a tape, not of questionable content, because there was no question of what the content was. It was a video tape of Carrie Prejean. That's why all lawsuits and charges have been dropped. According to sources close to both parties, it was an extremely graphic home video that only had one person in it - Prejean. Pageant officials presented it, and now everything is gone, done, pau.

Quite a few new releases coming up in November: One of the newest ones is from Na Palapalai, who is celebrating their 15th Anniversary with a concert Tonight at the Hawaii Theatre. It will include performances by Kupaoa, Keali'i Reichel. Tickets are available at the Hawaii Theatre and website.

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