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Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: Dita Liepkalne

Dita Liepkalne Dita Liepkalne

By Liz Chun - bio | email

MANOA (HAWAII NEWS NOW) - Dita Liepkalne has an addiction for travel and a passion for basketball and it's those two factors that brought her thousands of miles to Manoa.

While growing up in Latvia, Dita knew basketball would be her calling she just never imagined where it would ask her to go.

As an exchange student in high school, Dita played her junior season in colorado and her senior year in texas.

"For me I just love new experiences, said Liepkalne, and I had big eyes and I was looking at everything and it was just exciting."

Exciting but confusing as well. Alone in a foreign land, Liepkalne could barely speak english.

"There would be times where I would ask a question and people would be like uh-huh, and i'd say no, that was a question. They'd say oh what did you ask?

Now she let's her game do the talking for her. Liepkalne is Hawaii's third returning scorer this season and she hopes to play well enough to garner professional interest from overseas.

Even though she's thousands of miles away from home, Dita always keeps a reminder of her country close to her heart...or rather...her ankle, where she proudly displays a trio of star-shaped tattoos.

"These are the national symbols of Latvia. It's black...black...and then the maroon is the Latvian flag."

While her senior season is getting underway, Liepkalne will spend her first couple of weeks nursing an injured knee.

She hopes to return in time for Hawaii's first road trip at UC-Riverside on November 17th.

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