Waianae family wants accused killer re-evaluated

Waianae family wants accused killer re-evaluated

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Pricilla Anderson and her cousin Francis Figueroa look at pictures of Pricilla's sister Shantel, talk turns to nightmares.

"Ever since my sister got killed I have nightmares that it's going to happen to my children. I have dreams of Clayton Higa killing my children," Anderson said.

Clayton Higa was arrested in February 2006 and charged with murdering Shantel Figueroa on his pig farm in Waianae. Cops said he used a hammer to beat her to death then stabbed himself.

But in 2007 a judge found Higa mentally unfit to stand trial.

Figueroa's family wants him re-evaluated.

"I think he can stand trial," Anderson said.

In 2007, two of three court appointed doctors questioned Higa's reasoning and behavior.

Figueroa's family said it's all an act.

"We know him personally," Francis Figueroa said. "He's an evil guy."

Shantel Figueroa and Higa were together for about two years before she was killed. It has been nearly four years since her death.

"It's hard. She's gone. We released her but it's still not a closure because he's still out there," Francis Figueroa said.

"I want him to get put behind bars," Anderson said. "He should have life without parole."

Higa was scheduled to go before a judge this week. But the hearing was continued with no date set for a new hearing.

Figuroa's relatives aren't giving up.

"We're not the richest family but we'll do everything in our power to make sure something will be done with him," Francis Figueroa said.