'Luapele' is the name for one of Hawaii's most noted sites

'Luapele' is the name for one of Hawaii's most noted sites

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - About 30 miles south of the town of Hilo is one of Hawaii's most noted sites, the luapele. Not many know it however by this term, most know it as Volcano.

This term is associated with many things in the area such as Volcano Village, Volcano Golf Course and the like. We can't forget however the Hawaiian term for this area. Our Hawaiian term for volcano is luapele.

In Hawaiian, there is Pele with a capital "P" and pele with a lower case "p." The lower case pele may not be as common because we are used to the word lava. Lava however isn't a Hawaiian word. It's the English word associated with flowing molten rock. That is what we call pele. So there are two general meanings to that one word.

We shouldn't separate out the physical embodiment of this Hawaiian female diety. And so the next time you refer to this special place and its elements, remember this lesson. It's pele for lava. And luapele for volcano.

So when we head up there again, we're off to the luapele!