Hawaiian football team fights for their language on and off the field

Hawaiian football team fights for their language on and off the field

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Typically we have about 15-16 players on our roster while the average team size on Oahu is around 40 players. Players on larger teams get to rest and recover unlike Kanani and I who play both ways through the whole game.

Given ?nuenue High School's total enrollment of about 100 students, having a 15-member team is an accomplishment itself. These students can do it, though. They put up a good fight. Higher numbers would help when we face injuries and other absences.

Their small numbers can, however, be a source of strength for the Warriors. We are a tight group on and off the field. We are more than teammates; we are all close friends. We know each other well, our strengths and weaknesses.

The camaraderie breeds a sense of obligation among the boys. Every day we come to practice, we want to do better for the sake of the whole team.

And the warriors remain clear about their purpose and overall goal. As these students learn and grow, we are winning for our language, our customs, and the unity of the team.

The team is growing and looking forward to next year, which may prove to be the program's best year yet. We'll be back ready to go again next year. The guys know that if they keeping working hard, correcting mistakes, playing their roles, we will be victorious!