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North shore residents upset over location of proposed dog park

HALEIWA (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - It's a dogfight over a planned park on Oahu. A proposal to build a place for pets to roam sparked a protest Tuesday night.

Many feel the land meant for the dog park is already spoken for. That's because they say it's a heiau complex. A group of about 20 people demonstrated with signs of anger against the dog park.

This was happening while the North Shore Neighborhood Board met. They already unanimously approved it earlier this year.

The land for the dog park sits next to the Haleiwa Elementary School and some homes. North shore board members say the matter is now in the city's hands. Still, many are barking back.

"We're very upset about this and we want to stop it, I think the first thing is to educate people and let them know this is happening," Dog park opponent Kimo Armitage said. "In fact, this is happening probably all over the place. We need to educate one another about where our sacred sites are."

City spokesman Bill Brennan tells us the dog park is nowhere near a heiau. He also says at this point, it's something the community needs to work out with each other.

A group called "Woof Pack" is the brains behind this dog park. They say they've done nearly everything to accommodate people's concerns.

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