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Uluhaimalama is a symbol of Hawaiian persistence

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - Uluhaimalama is lost among the headstones and weeds of this small cemetery mauka of Punchbowl. It was October 11, 1894, when Queen Lili'uokalani was imprisoned at Iolani Palace, that her supporters came out and planted a garden for her.

At that time it was illegal for any group of Hawaiians to gather; you could be thrown in jail for it. While the gathering seemed like a garden party, it was clear that the purpose was to profess their steadfast support of their queen. But when you read the list of plants and you read about why they put them there. They're very strong kaona.

For example, the kukui was planted to bring light to the government. Pilimai symbolized the public's steadfast support of the queen.

I was amazed. Hawaiians are known for being kind and what have you, but they were angry, they were very angry as to what was happening with their kingdom.

Uluhaimalama is a symbol of Hawaiian persistence and resolve. This garden in itself was a way for the people to honor their queen, to show support in a very 'olu'olu type of way, and yet very significant.

And those who love this place gathered again this past October 11 here at the garden that was originally planted 115 years ago.

It was such a significant event and we should commemorate that event. Tonight's rededication is to make people aware.

If we could bring it back to a garden that it once was, or at least to a semblance of what it once was, then people will remember and they will ask questions. Then there will be the education of it.

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