Fishermen worried about dropping water level at Lake Wilson

Fishermen worried about dropping water level at Lake Wilson
Stan Wright
Stan Wright

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU (HAWAIINEWSNOW) - "You're going to be shocked when you see this. It's about the lowest I've ever seen it," fisherman Stan Wright said.

The water level in the reservoir is so low the slats on the boat ramp look like stepping stones to a wading pool.

"Last Wednesday I pulled the boat up right here and I could just step right onto the boat." Wright said, standing on a bank that used to be under water.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources said the lake needed more room to handle more water from a heavy rain.

The lake's owners gave the okay and the lake was drained from seventy feet to sixty at it's deepest point. The goal is to keep it at sixty-five feet.

"Is the water going to get so low where the fish are going to die off?" Wright said.

DLNR said there have been no negative impacts on the schools of bass, catfish, blue gills and snakeheads that populate Lake Wilson.

But fishermen have another concern.

"The big thing is the low water level. It makes it so we can't launch our boats," Wright said.

He said if the water level drops another three feet from where it is now, that could happen. And the lake has only one boat ramp.

DLNR cleared sediment and debris from the ramp to make launching easier and it's monitoring the situation at the popular fishing hole.

"This is the only freshwater fishing on the island of Oahu where you can go every day," Wright said.

The state and the lake's owners say dropping the water level was a safety measure against a flood.

With the water down it can replace some broken valves in the outlet system to make it even safer.