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Show Preview: Symbol of Protest, Voyaging, Brook Kapukuniahi Parker

(KGMB) Did you know the grounds of this cemetery was once a symbol of protest?

Hawaiians gathered here in secret back in 1894 to plant a garden called Uluhaimalama in support of Queen Liliuokalani.

When you read the list of plants and you read about why they put them there. They're very strong kaona. I was amazed. They were very angry as to what was happening with their kingdom.

We sail on over to Hawaii-island for the wayfinding and voyaging festival. Voyaging is a significant part of our history since our ancestors crossed the vast ocean from abroad and arrived here in Hawaii.

Learn little-known, historic tidbits about our ali'i from artist Brook Kapûkuniahi Parker. He had a quick temper. He was very, very volatile.

And we enjoy the sweet harmonies of the group Kaiholu. 

Join us this Sunday at 4.30p for Aha'i Olelo Ola.

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