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Stacy Loe


I must confess, I got into the news business, in part because I knew I didn't want a career sitting inside an office all day.

I was the only one of my friends in high school who enjoyed watching tv news and reading the newspaper.  My friends called me a news geek.

But it wasn't until I took an elective journalism course in college that I realized this was something I wanted to do.  It sounded fascinating and so I changed my major to journalism and never looked back.

Fast forward 19 years, and I am now the 10pm anchor at Hawaii News Now.  And what a ride it's been.

I started in the newsroom in an entry level position as an associate producer.  My responsibilities were answering phones, writing weather (when it was 20 seconds in the newscast and before there were weather casters) and getting dinner for the anchors.

I was then promoted to producer, then reporter, weekend anchor and now a main anchor.

I've been fortunate to cover thousands of stories over the years, some of which have touched me deeply.  The most memorable was going to New York in 2001 to cover Hawaii related stories from the terrorist attacks.  We were given rare access inside ground zero when it was off limits to the public and only families of the victims and rescue crews were allowed in.  It was the most emotional experience of my career.

Other highlights include covering Hurricane Iniki, traveling to Indonesia with the governor and reporting on President Barack Obama's inauguration in Washington D.C.

I've won various awards including an Edward R. Murrow award for my investigation of the sleeping pilots on Go! Airlines, an associate press award, an emmy and several Society of Professional Journalism honors.

In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, golfing, kickboxing and spending quality time with my family.

I don't have any extraordinary talents. But what most people may not know about me is that I don't have a sense of smell. There's a name for it. Anosmia. The doctors are baffled by my condition because unlike most people who can't smell, I can taste. I've never seen it as a handicap. It is merely a quirky part of who I am.

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