Hawaii joins worldwide rally to stop global warming

Hawaii joins worldwide rally to stop global warming
Chip Fletcher
Chip Fletcher

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Protestors staged a worldwide rally against climate change, and Hawaii joined in on the call for action to stop global warming.

It's an effort to literally draw the line on climate change.

Thousands of Hawaii students across the state, including a group at Stadium Park in Honolulu, took part in the 'Blue Line Project' on Saturday.

Its purpose is to indicate the risk of flooding if the sea level rises one meter.

The project also tries to highlight Hawaii's and other island nation's vulnerability to climate change, while countries negotiate a new international agreement.

That agreement aims to rein in the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.

"It's already happening. Just drive by the Ala Wai at the highest tide of the year and you'll see saltwater puddles people drive through in Honolulu. It's a slow problem that's easy to ignore. The whole idea behind the Blue Line Project is to bring attention to this," said Chip Fletcher, University of Hawaii at Manoa Geology Professor.

Students uploaded their chalk images and slogans to an interactive map at www.bluelineproject.org.

The project is part of a larger international effort coordinated by an organization called 350.org.

It's intended to raise awareness for the most important number for the earth's future, 350.

It represents a safe target of concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in parts per million.