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Putting a leash on dog attacks

Jana Craig Jana Craig
Angel Stepanian Angel Stepanian

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) - A Windward Oahu pet owner hopes her frightful experience never happens to anyone else.

Her dog was attacked by another dog, that wasn't wearing a leash. Barbara Craig's dog, CJ is slowly recovering after being attacked last week.

She says it would not have happened if the other dog was on a leash.

CJ loves to go to the park.

"Fun playing, outgoing dog, very energetic, lots of energy, fun to be around," CJ's owner Barbara Craig said.

But just last week, as the Craig family left Kalama Beach Park, a pitbull came out of nowhere and leaped on CJ, ripping off his leash.

"It happened so quick, that when I snatched my dog up from the dog, the dog kept coming after us," Craig said.

The incident happened in front of children and many others.

"I was yelling at the dog, telling him to stop, but he wasn't listening to me, I was trying to grab the dog, but he was trying to get to my mom and she was swinging him around," Barbara's daughter, Jana said.

"I was really scared, I was kind of frozen, like I couldn't do anything, because I was afraid it would bite me," 12-year-old Angel Stepanian said.

After a short struggle and a few bites, the pitbull's owner pulled her dog away.

"When the woman came to us, to help us, she finally said, oh, I'm sorry, my dog has never been this aggressive, it only takes the one time," Craig said.

Craig took her dog to the vet and filed a police report. She hopes this scary experience will teach people to keep their dogs on leashes.

"You should always keep your dog on the leash, no matter where you are, no matter what time of day, just at all times," she said.

Hawaii does have a leash law. Dogs on public property are required to be on a leash of eight feet or less. This includes beaches and parks, except for those specifically designated as off-leash parks.

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