Dog walkers unleash their frustrations

Alex Preiss
Alex Preiss
Marlene Kennedy
Marlene Kennedy

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Dog walkers in Waikiki are unleashing their frustrations after getting tagged for criminal offenses, with fines of up to $500.

But least one ticketed person is not giving in. Alex Preiss recently got a ticket for walking his dog near Kaimana Beach Park.

But after hiring a lawyer and fighting the ticket, a judge dismissed it. Price says there's still lots of confusion in Waikiki when it comes to where you can or can't walk your dog.

They're called "Team Zelda" and they met an opponent recently during practice.

The multi-award winning mixed breed has won numerous agility titles. But she couldn't get away from a ticket.

"It seems like nobody is really clear exactly where you're allowed and where you're not," Zelda's co-owner Marlene Kennedy said.

Marlene's husband, Alex was walking Zelda on a dirt path in Kaimana Beach Park, when suddenly they were ticketed for being there. But after hiring a lawyer and fighting it, a judge dismissed the ticket.

"The law itself is not clear or the law itself says that I'm allowed to walk the dog on a leash in the park," Zelda's co-owner Alex Preiss said.

Zelda is not only an award winning dog, she's also improved the quality of life for both Preiss and Kennedy.

"It's been so great having this dog for me, especially because I lived here in Waikiki for almost 10 years before I got her and never talked to anybody, now I can't walk out of my house without somebody stopping me," Kennedy said.

They walk her three to four times a day. They say the law is too harsh and that there needs to be better signage in the area.

That's why they're putting together a petition and talking to other dog walkers to keep them from getting ticketed as well.

"I would like to see Honolulu become a more dog friendly place, I think that dogs in public places can be a good thing," Kennedy said.

Police say they're just doing their job and that they're just following up on complaints.