Camcorder with footage of dying father stolen from Waikiki tourist

Dick Kerr
Dick Kerr
Heather Kerr
Heather Kerr

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - There is a call for help from a tourist, whose camcorder was stolen.

It's not so much the camcorder that she values, but what was recorded on it.

The video includes footage of her dying father, who happens to be an entertainer, once known as the 'Man of a Hundred Voices'.

Dick Kerr was a comedian best known for his singing impersonations of legends like Elvis, Perry Como, and Louis Armstrong.

Among his career highlights was in 1954, when Kerr was on the Horace Heidt Family Night Show.

It's a fulfilling life that's nearing an end. Kerr is losing a fight against cancer, making footage like this more precious.

But his daughter Heather, who is vacationing on Oahu to celebrate her birthday, now has fewer recorded memories of Kerr.

She says she was at a Waikiki Starbucks on Kapahulu and Kalakaua, ordering coffee. When she was finished paying, she turned her head towards the area where customers pick up their order, and when she turned her head back, her camcorder was gone.

"It was on the counter, when I set it there, like just seconds before, or minutes before, and it was gone," she said.

The video in Kerr's camcorder bag included footage from the past few years of her father singing, which he can no longer do well today. That's because his cancer has spread to his lungs and lymphatic system.

"I bought it to document my father's last years of life. He may not make it another year," said Heather Kerr.

Kerr says she filed a police report.

But a Starbucks manager says they don't have surveillance cameras.

Kerr has come to grips with possibly leaving Hawaii without ever getting her camcorder back, but has this message to the person who stole from her:

"If you want the camera, keep the camera. I'd like my Dad back. I want my disks, I want my memories of my father," Kerr said.

The theft happened Monday around 10:00 a.m., the day after Heather's birthday.

If you have any information on her stolen camcorder, call Honolulu police.