Financial help for adult daycare families

Valerie Butcher
Valerie Butcher
Sandee Yoro
Sandee Yoro

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

WAHIAWA (KHNL) - For families with elderly parents, finding daycare on a daily basis can be a costly and challenging task. But a task, many island families are having to make.

Now, some on Oahu, could get relief from the high cost of that care.

Patricia Kim and her family share a smile as she is dropped off for adult daycare.

But there's a serious reason why she is here.

"She needs to be occupied, to keep herself occupied," said her daughter, Valerie Butcher.

This is where she now keeps herself occupied during the week. Taking part in activities, classes and even helping out around the center.

"So did you do the laundry or what? I saw you folding clothes," asked Valerie.

"I don't know," replied Patricia.

"What do you know?" asked Valerie.

"Not much," replied 75 year old Patricia, with a laugh.

Patricia is battling dementia, and because of concerns about her safety, she can no longer stay at Valerie's home alone during the day.

"I never thought I'd be doing this, with my mother. Right now I am looking at myself as being her mother," said the Mililani woman.

According to workers at the Special Education Center of Hawaii, Patricia is typical of the patients they care for with dementia.

"She has her moments where she is confused and her problem solving skills aren't as strong at some moments, but she loves life," said Sandra Yoro, the Executive Director for SECOH.

To help Patricia enjoy her life, her family searched for an adult daycare center that would keep her mind and her body busy each day.

Getting adult day care doesn't come cheap, it cost $55 a day for the activities and services, money many families can't afford.

But because of a grant there are now hundreds of thousands of dollars available for families to help pay for days of care at SECOH centers.

"The beauty of this program is you could buy one day and get up to four days free, if you qualify. We have a lot of service available," added Yoro.

Elderly patients, like Patricia, already spend hundreds of dollars a month on medications.

Too much for daycare would put it out of reach. And her family feels she would miss out on making the most of the rest of her life.

"I want to see her have a nice long life, I want her to live life to its fullest," said Valerie.

For more information on financial aid available for adult daycare centers, call SECOH at 739-2745.