Graduate comes full circle

Seth Siaki
Seth Siaki

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - With more and more people out of work, college graduates are having a tough time finding a job.

Some of them found help at a career fair Friday at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 75 companies were on display as the UH college of engineering held its annual career day. UH graduate, Seth Siaki wasn't there to find a job. That's because he already has one.

Siaki had a rough time finding a job after he graduated from college. But last year, he came to this annual college of engineering career fair. His rough times were a distant memory for him, after Bombardier offered him a job.

"I'm learning something new everyday, they're training me in multiple aspects within the train," he said. "You go on so many interviews with so many companies and they tell you the same thing, give us your resume, we'll get back to you, bombardier followed up and offered me a job in Las Vegas."

He works on the Las Vegas monorail system for Bombardier. Now he's coming full circle, helping other students like himself, find a job.

"You talk to a lot of students, they're going through the same thing I went through, I'm trying to tell all my friends, come down to the career fair, we'll help you out," he said.

Siaki hopes to land a job back home someday. But until then, he's ok with helping others who are looking for a job during these tough times.

"Don't give up, when you're going through and you get rejected by so many companies, you tend to not want to try as hard, maybe something will happen, it finally paid off," he said.

Around a hundred students attended this career fair. Just like in Siaki's case, some of them left with jobs.