Oahu couple hoping to reap the rewards of powerful new solar panels

Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson
"I endorse this project," said Marcus Jones, who bears a resemblance to a famous Oahu native
"I endorse this project," said Marcus Jones, who bears a resemblance to a famous Oahu native

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's the most efficient, commercially available solar powered panels in the world and one Oahu couple becomes, one of the first in Honolulu to install it.

The SunPower 315-watt panel has only been on the market for a few months. It produces more power in the same amount of space.

It saves the Bayaca's significant money in equipment and installation costs. The Bayaca's bought a house a month ago. It's about to be filled with energy saving appliances, like a refrigerator and stove.

"We decided to find an energy source that would be more renewable, something that's a lot cheaper, hopefully free," Homeowner Carl Bayaca said.

They called on the sun for their next energy saving idea. It's called the SunPower 315-watt panel. It's the highest wattage panel in the market.

"What that means for the homeowner is that they're gonna need less panels to produce the same amount of energy," RevoluSun Co-owner Eric Carlson said.

"SunPower 315 watts are preferred panel in Hawaii because the limited roof space that we usually have in Hawaii, so when you need to produce more power with your roof, you're gonna wanna go with a high efficient panel," Carlson said.

The Bayaca's say in the long run, they'll get back three-fourths of the cost, along with helping out the environment.

It even has the praise of a presidential look-alike.

"I endorse this project," said Marcus Jones an Obama look-alike who works for RevoluSun.

For a few months, they researched the solar panel market. Now that it's finally up on their roof, they're letting the sun do the rest.

"Hopefully we won't be the first or the last, these sun power 315 panels are the most efficient out there, available for residential use," Bayaca said.

The Bayaca's admit it's not a cheap system, but they say with state and federal tax rebates, along with zero percent loans, they were able to make it happen.

"There is definitely a lot of relief that it has come to fruition, I'm extremely happy that day finally came, we're almost done with it," Bayaca said.