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Woman's death emphasizes nightlife dangers

Laci Sweany Laci Sweany
Alexandria Gutierrez Alexandria Gutierrez
Jennifer Birk Jennifer Birk

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Everyone wants to have a good time when they go out. But, when you're in Waikiki or out anywhere else, it comes down to common sense to avoid becoming a victim on your late night venture.

"That party we went to was pretty tight," said Honolulu resident Laci Sweany.

Friday night, Laci Sweany says the mood is right.

"I'm always down to get a new number. But you can't trust anybody nowadays," said Sweany.

"Just because a guy is cute doesn't mean he isn't going to hurt you," said Honolulu resident Alexandria Gutierrez.

That's why she and her best friend Alexandria have each other's back.

"I didn't like how you walked alone that one time," said Gutierrez.

"I know," said Sweany.

It's one serious checks and balances system.

"Some guy tried to get me to drink some stuff," said Gutierrez.

"You didn't take it right?," asked Sweany.

"No, it was kind of sketch," said Gutierrez.

Sweany recently moved to Honolulu and knows for many visitors, paradise means party.

"You're on vacation, you're in a new environment, that's how it should be," said Sweany.

But once you cross the Pacific, it's easy to forget common sense.

"You just don't think about what could happen," said Sweany.

The scary sight of a young woman's body found on the beach last week. That's why Portland visitor Jennifer Birk sticks to the shore and a good book.

"You always have to be careful. There are creeps out there everywhere," said Portland visitor Jennifer Birk.

Her friends went home, leaving her alone one last day in Waikiki. She's not taking any chances.

"I probably wouldn't go out clubbing or to a bar by myself, I'd make sure I was with somebody," said Birk.

Honolulu Police say Waikiki is a high priority protected area with the highest officer concentration on Oahu. There's other presence during the day, but at night is where Sweany and Gutierrez are one strong force.

"Watch out for your surroundings, be smart and always have a friend with you," said Sweany.

Honolulu Police reminds you to keep these important tips in mind:

- Let someone know where you are going

- Go out in a group

- If you are going out, let someone know when they can expect you to return

- Keep to areas where there are a lot of people

- Stay in well lit areas

- If you are going to drink, don't "over drink"

- If you run into trouble or get lost, have your cell phone handy so that you can call someone or the police

- Stay with the people you arrived with. Don't go off with strangers

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