Prayer service for Samoan tsunami victims

Luania Atisanoe-Sula
Luania Atisanoe-Sula
Nuutele Vaeena
Nuutele Vaeena

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - Heartache overwhelms the local Samoan community. Thursday night, a prayer service was held at Waipahu's Lighthouse Outreach Center for the many lives torn apart by the tsunami.

Dozens from different denominations prayed with an important purpose. Samoans and non-Samoans say to overcome this terrible tragedy, they must look to their lord.

There were songs for the suffering and prayers for their people,devastated from tsunami disaster.

"Our prayer is for restoration and comfort," said Honolulu resident Luania Atisanoe-Sula.

"We all come together as one body," said Honolulu resident Nuutele Vaeena.

The situation right now is the most severe Samoa has ever seen.

"It's bad, there aren't enough words to say how we feel," said Vaeena.

But instead of frustration, they remember their roots.

"Samoa's motto is Muamua le Atua, God first," said Atisanoe-Sula.

A congregation of all colors, creeds, religions and race recognize the pain of their Samoan brothers and sisters. They hope their higher power is not persecuted.

"Even though there's devastation, God is still good, no matter what goes on, no matter what comes our way, God is still awesome," said Atisanoe-Sula.

The homes and lives torn apart will eventually re-build, but the community says, this time with extra foundation of faith.

A group of about 15 from the Lighthouse Outreach Center are headed to American Samoa. For weeks, they will provide food and prayer to tsunami victims.